Wedding Reception Trends in 2018

Published February 14th, 2018 by Djswazaeadmin

In 2018 we will see a trend to bring back or continue existing trends depending on what part of the county you are from. Two big wedding reception trends to continue in 2018 will be to recognize long wed couples in attendance and seeing how well the new couple really know each other.

The Anniversary Dance

A great way to recognize all of the married couples at your reception and a great way to get them dancing. The DJ/Emcee will invite all the married couples to the dance floor to participate in a dance with the newly married couple. There are many songs out there that are appropriate for this dance, but we have found that "Remember When" by Alan Jackson is a crowd favorite and works so well for this dance. Now back to the dance, after about one minute into the song we will at this point ask that anyone married less than 1 year to please leave the dance floor (Excusing our newly wed couple). After this every 20 seconds we will begin with 5 years and continue in 5 year increments. Now you are probably wondering how do we not overshoot the number of years? Well, when meeting with our couple prior to the special day we work really hard to find out the best we can who will be the longest married couple and approximately how many years. Once we get close to that number of years and depending on how many couples are left we start going into a fire round and reduce the years from 5 year increments to 1 year increments until the longest-married couple is the only couple left on the dance floor. The bride and groom join them on the dance floor while the DJ/Emcee asks the longest married couple for some heart-felt and often hilarious advice on marriage for the Newlyweds. The bride and groom then present the couple with a small gift such as a flower arrangement or a bottle of wine. This Dance will also work and is used when the couple has decided not to go through the Bouquet/Garter Toss. In most cases the Bride does want to give her bouquet away but not participate in the Garter function. So she has used this dance and given her bouquet to the couple as a gift.

The Shoe Game

This game has been seem more and more in 2017 and in 2018 this fun fifteen minute game will continue to entertain guests as everyone finds out more about the bride and groom, and discover their likes and dislikes. There are two ways we can run this popular event, first we can have the Maid of Honor and the Best Man to provide about 10 questions each or second we can have guests write their own questions during dinner and drop them in a box for the DJ/Emcee to read during the game. After dinner, your Emcee places two chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor so that when seated, they can’t see each other. The Bride sits in one chair and the Partner sits in the other. The Newlyweds take off their shoes and switch one shoe with their partner. They will both have two different shoes in their hands to begin the game.

At this point the DJ/Emcee has a list of questions to ask the couple from the questions collected during dinner. The DJ/Emcee asks questions like “Who kissed who first?” or “Who is the better driver?”

After each question asked, the Bride and Partner raises the appropriate shoe depending on who they feel answers the question. The hilarity begins as they don’t know who is answering the same or differently and that they don’t know the questions asked before the game. The DJ/Emcee may interject from time to time trying to find out why they answered the way they did so they can see how well they know each other. Roughly 20 questions are asked during the game.

Some other questions might be:

Who does the laundry?

Who controls the remote control for the TV?

Who is the best kisser?

Who is more likely to say sorry first?

Who snores when sleeping?

Who is the better cook?


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