Selecting Music For Your Wedding Day

Published March 14th, 2018 by Djswazaeadmin

Selecting music for your wedding reception can be easy to do. You can leave it up to your DJ, but, most couples like a little control. Typically your DJ will provide you with three music categories;

Do not play

Must play

Play if possible

When choosing music it all begins with the entrance of the wedding party. This music will set the tone for the rest of the reception. When choosing these songs you should consider what type of message you want to send your guests. The songs chosen will let you guests know if you are going for a formal event or a casual one.

Typically in the northeast the couple’s first dance, which is the first dance shared between the married couple, will follow the couple’s introductions. Later on after dinner and the cake cutting there are additional formal dances that occur between the parents and the new couple. Depending on the couple’s preference there could be an invitation for all the couples in attendance to join the new couple in a dance, such as the anniversary dance.

At this point your DJ will begin to read the crowd integrating those music requests you have made, while also incorporating any requests made by your guests. This is something that couples sometimes overdo, and in many cases go overboard on their music requests during the planning phase. It is important to let your DJ know your music tastes, but you should also leave enough wiggle room so that your DJ can include your guests requests so they feel inclusive during the reception. Incorporating your music tastes, those of your guests and those gems the DJ throws in, makes for successful recipe.

Now at this point the couple thinks that it is all over, but is it really? There are two things to ensure that occur so that everyone has a great time. First I know that it has been a whirlwind of day, but how do you expect your guests to all get out there and dance if you as the new couple don’t do the same? Lead by example get out there and shake that thing, and your guests will be out there alongside of you! Second and most importantly don’t forget to choose your last dance song. This is your opportunity to leave your guests with one last fun dance. Make it a fun one with a message something to thank them for celebrating your special day with you.

Balancing the number of music requests provided to your DJ is tricky, the one thing especially previously married couples should concentrate on is the Do Not Playlist. This list is vital because the last thing you want to be played on your special day is a song that reminds you of a previous relationship or maybe the first dance song from your previous wedding. Another thing to consider are songs that maybe brings back a sad memory of an older or someone who may have passed on. Everyone is here to have a great time!

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